Chapter 10


The sun was rising so the『Hunters』started their activities. In the end Ramis slept while leaning on me. It seems my『Heat Insulation』function affected even my surroundings so Ramis didn’t need a blanket and slept soundly.


Last night was really cold so the sale of hot drinks was astronomical. In just one day I was able to earn 1000 points, it was unexpected in a good way.


Even this morning customers seeking warmth are lined up in front of me. It’s a good thing I stocked up on cup ramen and corn soup last night.


If the『Frog-men』have anything in common with normal frogs, then the『Hunters』could just wait until they entered hibernation. But, there’s still the possibility that they look like frogs but aren’t actually like them. Well, even if my prediction was right there’s now way for me to tell them.


“Everyone, listen up. After eating breakfast we are going to attack the enemy headquarters. Execute the plan I gave you earlier. With our group’s strength it will probably a decisive victory. However, don’t ever underestimate them. That is all.” (Guildmaster)


His voice is really persuasive and gives us a sense of security. If this person said it’s going to be ok, then I feel it’ll be ok.


I was carried off by Ramis as usual, and we departed for battle. Me and my comrade are on our way to exterminate monsters… When I say that it feels like one of those “another world” fantasy novels! But, I’m a vending machine, so it’s not like I can do anything… To be of any use it would be good to get other『Divine Gifts』, but each of them costs more than a million points.


Ahh, the sky is really blue— But I’m a man and yet I can only be carried around by a cute girl, haaa, when I think about it it makes me really depressed.


It seems we’re getting really close to where the『Frog-men』live, I can feel the atmosphere change. Even though I have a machine body, right!


I can feel the water from condensation sticking to me. This place is really humid. I’m starting to worry if this body can rust…


The ground here is mud os it looks really difficult to move. The mud is going halfway up the leg for Ramis since I’m heavy. Is she going to be ok?


“GuGeGuGaGuEh!” [Frog-men]


“Destroy them!!” (Hunter)


The cries of the『Frog-men』can be heard ringing out, along with the heroic shouts of the humans. The『Hunters』in the front line already started to fight. The footing is really bad for the『Hunters』, but I guess they already took it into account.


Even with this they calculated that they were going to win, so what’s the point of an amateur like me worrying. I can only pray for the safety of the customers. I can hear the footsteps of something running towards me. The escorts guarding the supply cart all switched their faces to serious ones.


“Hakkon. It seems the enemy has come. Let’s work hard together.” (Ramis)


She even said “work hard together” even though she knows I can’t do anything. If I don’t listen to her heartfelt request then I am not a man. Well, I’m not sure if vending machines even have genders, though.


It seems she doesn’t intend to drop me down and instead fight like that. I’m worried my weight will hinder her movements but I need to answer her resolution.


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


I said it at the lowest possible volume. Ramis, you worry about the front and I will watch our backs. I will block any attacks coming from there.


Then, the enemies arrived. Quite a number of『Frog-men』appeared. While I am being carried my body will be to the side Ramis so I can only judge what’s going on by sound. Otto, it came from the front so even I can look.


“The number of monsters you kill will be added to the reward. All of you, put more effort into it! Exterminate them all!” (Kerioiru)


“Let’s do this!!!!” (Hunters)


Following the order from their leader, they all started attacking the『Frog-men』coming from the front with bows, throwing knives, and axes. Ohh, these people are quite strong. Every attack they launch is killing『Frog-men』. They already killed more than half.


『Water…水水水水水水水水水 Penetrate through them…』


Oh, that is the woman that Kerioiru called out, she wore really magician like clothing. When she raised her wand, water flowed out like a hose and flew through the air, hitting many『Frog-men』at once. So, that is magic. If I get the similar『Divine Gift』then maybe I can control water like that. If that’s the case then I can be a fighting vending machine… it’s not a bad future. But my mana is still zero. Ah, it’s not possible.


I can think carefreely like this because the battle is already in our favour and we’re winning by a large margin. While Ramis is fighting my vision is shaky so I can’t really see the front. It’s really inconvenient now that I can’t see the back either.


Ara? Now that I think about it Ramis has never carried a weapon. She was wearing a slightly large glove, is that what it’s for?


“Yoshi, I was able to defeat them. It’s all thanks to Hakkon being on my back. He lessened my movements so all my attacks hit and I won easily.” (Ramis)


I can hear Ramis’s cheerful voice. I saw one of the dead bodies of the enemy. It’s face is all caved in, it looks like it was hit by a sledgehammer. This must be what’s left after being hit by『Super Strength』. I-I see.  If I think about it calmly then this much destruction is expected.


“It’s unnatural for there to be so many enemies here. When I think that there are even more on the frontline… it smells like danger.” (Kerioiru)


I heard the leader mumbling something scary. So, this situation is not normal.


“Everyone gather here. If we move separately we might get surrounded.” (Kerioiru)


“Understood, leader!” (Hunters)


The leader’s judgement turned out to be right, and the『Frog-men』surrounded us. With just one look I can already see more than 30. Each person needs to deal with 5 of them. Isn’t this dangerous?


“Leader, isn’t this a bit too much?” (Firumina)


“Complain later. If we must we can abandon the supply cart. Our party’s motto is keeping lives safe.” (Kerioiru)


“This is the first time I;m hearing that” (Firumina)


The leader and that blue-haired Firumina are talking about stupid things but their expressions are grim. The situation is that bad. I want Ramis to run if it gets dangerous. I don’t mind her abandoning me if I’m a hindrance. She is standing in front of the『Hunter』holding a bow, her job is to fight one the frontline.


“I will deal with any missed enemy.” (Ramis)


“Thanks, that would help me alot” (Hunter)


I didn’t notice before since she was wearing a hood but she must be a female『Hunter』. Ara, when I think about it this group has a lot of females. Everyone was calling Kerioiru leader, so everyone here is under him. 4 out of 6 people are female… Isn’t this a harem party? I will make sure to call Kerioiru a perverted ass from now on. [ED: Yaay, I don’t have to type his name anymore!]


While I was thinking about stupid things the battle was becoming more intense. The perverted ass isn’t called leader for show, as he cut down the『Frog-men』one after the other with his swords. The other members are also really strong and are overwhelming the frogs with their strength. The problem is the archer Ramis is protecting. She is also strong, but she seems bad at consecutive shots and allowed the enemy to get close many times.


The moment they close in Ramis deals with them and is barely staying alive. Ramis can fight one on one but when it’s a 2 on 1 she can’t finish it quickly. The frog saw the opening and is trying to hit me with his axe.


I know I won’t take that much damage so I just let him attack without activating『Barrier』.


<<4 Damage, Endurance decreased by 4>>


My body shook for a moment and words popped up. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. I have enough points now so I let myself get hit around 10 times.


“Eh, they went around the back!? I- I’m sorry Hakkon! Are you ok?” (Ramis)


She’s panicking really badly. It’s ok, there’s no need for you to worry so much. I’m happy I can take the damage instead of you.


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“I’m really sorry!” (Ramis)


No worries, you should just focus on your enemy. I want to say it but I can’t. I can’t see what’s happening, but I felt Ramis’s movement getting disturbed. I can even sense her agitation. This is bad.


“Kyah!” (Ramis)


She dodged one of the attacks and fell on her side, now I could see the battle. The『Frog-man』is attacking her with a spear since she had an opening.


“Nooooooo!” (Ramis)


The spear was about to hit Ramis! I should activate my『Barrier』. 『Barrier』, activate! The light spread through the surroundings and the spear was knocked back. In addition, the『Frog-man』was blasted backwards.


“Eh, this, this light…. Is it your power?” (Ramis)


“No, it shouldn’t be him” (?)


Aah, I want to increase my area of vision. Isn’t there any function like this. We’re in a situation like this but I still looked for the function since it’s inconvenient not being able to look at my back. Oh, found it.


<Omni-directional Sight>


1000 points huh, it’s not cheap but, it’s better than dying because I didn’t take it. I bought it without hesitation.


Oohhh, I can see everything… I might get dizzy. I can see in all directions now, and it feels really good but it might take some time before I get used to it.


“If you didn’t do it then who created that light wall?” (Ramis)


–“If you win, you get another one for free.”


I tried to appeal that I did. It’s not like I’m showing off, but It might hinder her movement if she didn’t know.


“Eh, Hakkon, you were the one who did it!?” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


“Uwaa, thank you so much Hakkon!” (Ramis)


This is one of her good parts, she just trusts me like that. Normal people wouldn’t believe it if a box said it had this kind of power.


Then, if it gets dangerous, can you protect me?” (Ramis)


–“Welcome.” [Yes]


I said it with loud volume. Now she knows that she will be safe. Let’s destroy the frogs together. The real battle starts now!


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    I tried to appeal that I did. It’s not like I’m showing off, but It might hinder her movement if she didn’t know.”
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