This is a CAS project I’m starting for my Diploma

Translation of Second Earth by NovelsJapan

All the donations and earned money will be used to improve the translation

Chapter 1 A Fire of the beginning

Red color. Stinging smell. Burnt air that hurts my throat. Roaring flames…

is it…a fire…?

A complete contrast of what used to be a tranquil scenery from before as fire engulfed the place. With his ever disappearing consciousness, Adam slowly stood up on top of the silenced waterwheel hut. 

The shattered mirror reflected upon a black haired youth and he understood that it was a mirror of himself. Fragments of what used to be a building laid everywhere indicating the cruelty of fire. The special cozy atmosphere that the waterwheel gave off, was terribly painted with red.


Adam jumped outside in such a hurry as if he was bitten by a snake. What fell in his sight was no different than previously seen. The usual energetic neighbor kids’ voice nor a vigorous voice of a merchant. You couldn’t hear it anymore. 

Dark murky sky could be seen as he looked up.  A legendary planet said to have existed during the ancient era. The Earth. What kind of sky did that world have…. I remembered Eve asking it.

However, his foot didn’t stop. On the way, he saw many familiar people who fell onto the side powerless. 

I feel the burnt air as it finds its way inside my exhausted lungs as I entered the alley I use all the time, all the while thinking of a bread store owner who I stole the bread from and if he is safe. 

Adam dashed through the narrow winding road and finally made his way out. In front of him was a small red cottage.


Black sooty building. He slammed open the door and jumped in. Inflamed entrance. A place filled with a smile of orphans no longer existed. As he entered the hall a woman who wore a white habit under the stair came to his sight.

[tlnote: to those ignorant, ahem, normal people habit is clothes worn by a nun, you know that Christian woman in church]


The answer wasn’t heard, even after nearing so close to her. 

She is breathing.

“Teacher! what in the heck is happening!”

Her eyes filled with kindness and yet quiet stillness opened as if she was holding onto her frail string of life.

“…Yakudo and Boom twins went out to the neighboring town for a shopping. Miana-chan too went together.”

“wha, what about others”

“I’ve already evacuated everyone”

“the, then what about you teacher!?”

“…You don’t have to worry about me, I’m  fine”

An approaching flame whispered toward this fragile youth’s heart. 

….Will you abandon her?….

“That can’t be! Let’s escape together now!”

“…you need to help Eve-chan”

“Eve? Eve didn’t escape? “

“…She is most likely in upstairs. You said it yourself, that you are going to protect Eve”

Eve’s trembling voice. I thought I heard it.


“Go now. she is waiting for you”

Yet again I felt someone whispering to my wavering heart.      

…Will you abandon her?….

Chapter 1                                                                                                                                           Chapter 2

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