Here is the first regular chapter of the day 1/2 remaining Small announcement: I bought a new domain, so now the website URL is plus with a better professional looking theme. Chapter 21 Enjoy!! Loading…

Sad news guys…….I will be dropping Vending Machine and will be picking up a new novel………..Sorry. Yesterday I read through the chapters and found it becoming harder to translate for me since the wording and the grammar it uses are becoming more  and more complicated for this noob translator. So I will find one that […]

Lately, I’ve been looking at the views and found out that vending machine seems to be unpopular compared to loner dungeon. And my workload for the school is becoming heavier as the end of the semester is approaching. So I will change the schedule of the releases. 3 chapters a week for Vending Machine from […]

here is the Chapter for the day, I will make up all the missing chapter in the weekend​ so don’t worry!!…. Chapter 15 I don’t know why But the vending machine feels like it is getting boring ——— This ark is boring I guess…….. But be sure to stay tuned for the next Ark as […]