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After all I decided to use this website till I find a better host

I’m sorry guys for the inconvenience I was not able to translate yesterday since I was really busy sorting out the website and had to prepare myself for the trip to JAPAN!!!!! right, I’m going to Japan, And enjoy my time translating there.
I will work hard in Japan for two release per day but If I’m unable to do that at least I will try harder…

Chapter 9

I’m going to sort this website in more organized matter if possible

New Website!!

I will start posting in this new website- Stay tuned for new chapters
I can start translating from next Tuesday!!!!

Website was designed by my friend who’s gonna fail his exam XD – Thanks Josh

You can check out the website for fun XD,
This, time it is hosted by BlueHost all thanks to the donations from Johannes Bager and Simon Hean

And sorry Johannes Bager and Simon Hean I will do your sponsored chapters after my exam is over, as an apology for being sooo late I will do double chapters….
meaning 4 IN QUEUE for Ex-Hero!!!!!