Skill up Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Magician’s job in Guild

“Come, we’ve arrived”

I came to the magician’s guild with Media.

it’s located in front of the adventurer’s guild in the center of the town, a building like that of an auditorium.

I saw a reception lady at the reception desk and few people with a magician’s clothing.

I was thinking why the place was really quiet but now that I think about it, it must be a normal thing in this backwater place.

“Not really, it’s simply because a full-time magicians are less in number”

“…unn? why is it like that?”

“Strong magics has a bullet limit. of course, there are some with infinity bullets but comparing to training  your body and mastering the everlasting skill, are far efficient in planning your life”

Aa, I see.

I some people won’t be able to cope with a limited bullet limit after mastering it with hard work and dedication.

“Regarding that, I’m really envious of you and too amazing of an ability you have. I thought my heart would’ve stopped from hearing that you can master a magic in a single day”

“Oh, well unn. Thanks for the compliment”

But with my luck, I get not so good magics. Even so, it must be extraordinary ability to magicians.

“Even though you are fine but normally, magicians are judged as a person who worked hard to master a consumable product.— that’s why basically magicians are made up of eccentric freaks or a person with a weird taste, a very unusual person so be careful alright?”

Wait, doesn’t that mean we are also looked as an eccentric freak or a person with weird taste.

So Media herself is in the same category as these people.

“For me, well, I’m called “Sage of protection” now but, before this I was called a barrier maniac…. I just loved that transparent and a powerful wall that doesn’t let anything through. I loved it so I just coated the castle of the capital city…”

Media looked at the empty air feeling down.

Aa, unn. this one is definitely a weirdo. An easy to understand example.

While we were chit chatting things like that Guild master came.

He seemed to have headed out to the guild before us and

“ya, ya, sorry for the wait. I’ve finished registering you”

it seems like he registered me.

saying so he gave me the guild card.

a very thin card.

“If you stick that to your grimoire, it will record the monster you killed. it is a must item for an evidence when you do the job”

“Oo, thank you very much Guild master”

“Hahaha, you don’t have to use honorific. We are new fellow magicians. And welcome to the Magician’s guild Kouta-kun. I welcome you to the guild as a representative “

While the guild master laughed he handed me several papers containing the available quests.

“this is?”

“A beginner level quests. chose what you like”

Seeing the content, most of them were a subjugation of a monster in the hill slightly far away.

“As expected there aren’t quests on subjugation of minatours in the beginner level”

I felt sort of relieved

“Aa, I’ve heard of the story. that you are a talent which has the power to minch minitours easily. I recruited you because we know you are an abnormally talented magician. — but against Minatourous, whose a real pain in an ass, subjugation of them are relied upon adventurers and so quest like that won’t come to magician’s guild”

“eh? is that so?”

“AA. Most of the quest in magician’s guild are subjugation of a monster who are weak against magics or a monster transformed by a magic. So if you can use a bit of magic, the quest can be done easily. “

I see. oh well, it’s true that it would be better for a magician to defeat the monsters that are weak against magic.

“see, I told you that magic can earn you good”

Media said so with a smug look.

I guess, that’s true.

This place might be the best place for me to earn whilst I can use magic.

thinking so I was looking at the quest document,

“Let’s do this one Kouta-san. This pays the highest!”

Soulas came interrupting my thought by talking to me.

Somehow she seemed to be full of confidence.

“what’s wrong, with your sudden excitement”

Her tension is so high that it feels like her silence before was a lie.

“This is our very first job as a team! A perfect chance for us to show our amazing power, we can’t miss this!”

Ee, alee. was she always like this kind of grimoire.

I though she was a bit more adult like.

And there is nothing to show with the beginner quest.

…however, the reward is not that bad.

The quest she job was a subjugation of slime which propagated into great number and collecting of water-soluble.

Fumu, I know that the slimes are weak against magic since I defeated one before.

“U~n, I’m still thinking but…”

“Isn’t this fine. since it’s a beginner rank with a good reward”

Soulas somehow looks really motivated.

…oh well, I shouldn’t pour a cold water at her excitement.

In the end, we decided on the slime subjugation she chose.


Chapter 10

Chapter 10 My new workplace and Login Bonus restart

『“First-day login bonus! Beginner tier Ice magic, 10 bullets acquired!』

When I woke up in the morning and checked my grimoire, this was written.

“It’s been 8th days since I’ve been here but, I didn’t know it will be written as 1st day”

This means that.
Day count resets every week.

“Hai. And so, every one week you can get a normal bonus magic”

Soulas taught me a good thing.
you mean it’s like that. so after another week that 3 choice thingy will come.

This is a really good stuff.

…since Fundamentally my luck is horrible.

Even though there are hundreds of magic I already dubbed my beginner tier ice magic, this is a perfect example.

But it will be different when I get a chance to choose. at that time, I can atlas place some will onto the choice.

“Unn, I’m starting to see hope. I though I will forever be able to only learn beginner tier and highest tier magic, there is still a chance”
“That’s right, when Kouta-san is happy I’m happy too!”

Yoshi now that I’m feeling better I should just head ou to that sage’s place and earn some easy money.


and so I and Soulas in her human home visited Media’s house but………

“media, give me a jo——tte hm?”

“Oya, hello”

Media was not the only one in the mansion.
there existed a slightly tall old man with a unique beard.
who might this man be? I’ve never seen him before.

“veto…Are you something like Media’s boyfriend?”

“Wahahaha, Unfortunately, I’m like that. First of all, she is way over the age limit on being my love partner. I prefer something more plump”
“Hey old man who’s a grandma”

Media glared at the laughing old man.
it seems like they have quite an intimate relationship.

“He is just one of the guys I helped as a job”
“Fumu, Sage-sama so this child is the one you were talking about?”

the old man looked at me with a narrowed eyes while saying so.
the iris is very deep to the point of making me feel like I’m being sucked in.

“Aa. he is a Kouta-kun. that soul, good right?”

“truly, I’ve never seen such bright one”

I don’t get it but the two seemed to be excited over something.

“I wasn’t sure when you told me about him, a man powerful enough to get in the sage-sama’s eyes, but now I understand”

“Well, it’s way beyond my scope of understanding, though”

“he is that much of a talent”

Fumu. the old man while touching his beard looked directly at my eyes.

“Kouta-kun. I have a little talk but why not come to the Magician’s guild?”
“I am magician guild’s guild master, principal. and the town’s mayor. I’m curious about you. If possible I want you to come to my place. You even have a sage-sama’s recommendation so I will give extra service and if you need a job then I can introduce too many”

it seems like I was somehow able to gain a job…..

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 To be independent

To be independent, I need money.
To eat food or buying house all requires money.

“Media-san, please introduce me to an easy job!”

For now, I went to the Sage’s house and bowed my head to hear her story.

She said it herself that she will teach me any knowledge I don’t know.
I shall bestow a wisdom on profiting.

“When I thought you came suddenly without a prior notice, you hit me with that. gosh, your greed is a way too direct.”

Media who seemed to just finish taking shower was wiping her hair with a town and sat in front of me.

“oh well, …it was I who told you to rely on me. I don’t mind telling you but if it’s you, can’t you easily earn money in Magician’s guild?”

I thought of it at first but a newbie suddenly taking Guild quests are bit too high for me to handle.

“I’m sure they will give quests like hunt Minotaurs?”
“you’re right and around this area that is a standard job.”

Last time I was successful but I’m not sure if it will be successful the second time.
It would really be great if you teach me a safe and lax way for earning money.

“You got a powerful soul but why at small things like this you become petty and cautious…”

“that’s how my character is, don’t worry about small things like that. so do you have it? an easy way to earn?”

“Stop acting all polite all of a sudden. oh well…let’s see. As a quest trial, how about you will gather the materials I need in my back garden? There are rarely any monsters there “

Ooh As expected from sage. Very service-minded.

“Aa but, one person won’t be enough”
“I should gather that many?”
“right, gathering three types of herbs. One person won’t be able to carry it all.”

I see, then 2 people will do.
perfect timing,

“Oi, Soulas. Come out”

“A, Hai”

Soulas came out in a human form after slightly knocking on the grimoire.
Seeing such scene Sage’s eyes opened wide and stood speechlessly for a while.

“…Hou, I’m surprised. That grimoire can turn into a human. quite rare ability I see.”

“It’s like that?”

the grimoire I know is this one so I don’t really know the difference.

“umu, it’s rare because there is little to no people who holds that much power to turn into a human….by the way, what can that girl do?”

even if you tell me what she can do.

“Soulas. have you ever don stuff like quest?”
“Nope, none. oh well, I’m a grimoire so I can use quite a bit of magic and fight with it”
Soulas denied it while shaking her head.
it seems like she has zero experience.

“…that’s what she said”

“fufu…then I think it will be good if you two form a party? As a beginner, you guys can learn from each other “

“Party, I see~”

I think it will be quite unbalanced with only human and grimoire in the party.
and it seems like both of us won’t be able to use magic

“It’s normal to do a quest for the magician guild with a party. It would be a good to prepare for it in advance”

Even so, If I don’t have the grimoire with me won’t I become a cripple without being able to utilized magic.

“e? That’s not true Kouta-san. You can use a magic as long as you remembered the name, even when you don’t have me in my real form. since your soul mastered it.”


I wish you could’ve said that earlier. I’m starting to feel embarrassed at me for always holding the grimoire in one hand and using magic.

“I’m sorry. it’s just that it was quite hard to tell you about it”

Oh, well I guess having grimoire in my hand is quite useful till I remember the magic’s names.

“Maa, whatever. it’s our first job. for now, let’s earn some money”

“O, O~”

I and Soulas together went to the Sage’s mansion’s back yard, to gather the herbs as instructed.

Basically, we are collecting herbs grown in the backyard forest. For now, I grab as many herbs I can see within my sight.

Soulas with her huge appetite went deeper into the forest and is not coming back.

Oh well, it should be fine since I’m collecting the required amount. While thinking like that,

“Ko, Kouta-sa~~~n”

Soulas came running toward me from the depths of the forest.

“what’s wrong Soulas. Can’t you at least collect herbs in silence….”

“that’s no it -desu~~~! There is a big slime in here desu~~”

Now that she said it, when I looked in her direction I saw a gray ball like thingy with over 2 meters high.
and it extended it’s tentacles and hit soulas’ body.

it seemed to be hostile to us.
then, I shouldn’t hold back anything.

“Dodge it Soulas. 《fire》!”

This can be counted as a practice, I chanted the magic without carrying my grimoire. Next moment,


and a bullet made of blue fire fired toward the slime.
It hit the slime’s center with a powerful heat, and it’s body scattered into 6 to 7 pieces.

“Aa, I can really use the magic by myself”

what’s the point of the grimoire?
whatever, when looked at the scattered slime, it seemed to be still moving.

Maybe the fire was ineffective against it. so,


I Hammered it with an ice floe without any mercy.

——It made a DOGOn sound and Slime was smashed by the ice but it is still moving.


and so I chanted another magic.
Slime stopped moving after being showered with a sharp wind in which can cut through the ground.

“Fuu….It wasn’t defeated after one hit from the powerful magic attack, this world’s monster are quite tough huh.”

When I think of it like this then it was a right choice to not go do the quest.
It’s like that huh, without the grimoire I won’t be able to see the remaining bullets.

“now that I think about it, I was the only one fighting, Soulas, can you really use magic and fight?”

“I, I can use desu~. it’s just…I haven’t memorized many magic names and I became too afraid to chant when I saw the Slime desu~”

Soulous is trembling even now.
Aa, This grimoire, may be useless even as a human being.

…Am I going to be fine partying with Soulas.

It’s fun being together and all but this and that is different.
While I was thinking that Media came running here from the mansion

“O~i! Sorry, Kouta-kun! I forgot that I was raising a quite powerful monster around here…the what? did you defeat , it? “

“Ou, if your talking about the slime then I just defeated it now”

“A~…You guys even can defeat this class of monster. Unn, even though it is quite high leveled monster”

saying so Media’s face darkened.
Perhaps was it something I shouldn’t have defeated.

“Did we do something bad?”
“No, It’s an ancient slime that I was raising for gathering materials and as an experiment subject, so I have one reserve. I have one but….I didn’t think you beginner party could defeat something even I have hard time defeating this easily….My heart might break from sadness…”

It’s not that we are strong rather the magics are way over the top.

Even if it is high leveled it was defeated after merely 3 hits from beginner tier magic.

“Umu, it’s that, somehow makes me feel sad….”

This Loli is feeling sad again.
How should I say it, I’m sorry?

“O, OI, for now, I should gather these materials”

“Umu, I will rely on you for that……”

So, I started collecting the material while comforting Media who was feeling down.

One way or another this is my first job in this world. I feel really motivated.

and as a result, Today’s pay became 10k gold.
worth around 3 days and night of stay in an inn without a meal.

My first Job taught me many things.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Bad luck in 7th day


It has been 7 days since I came to this world.


I was having a headache because of the written paragraph in the magic grimoire.


『First week login bonus! You are gifted with one of the three of your choice!!


  • Highest tier Storm type magic – single bullet
  • Highest tier Ice type magic – single bullet
  • Grand Heal – single bullet


Choose one of them before the end of the day.


Mostly made up of Highest tier magic. And all have only a single bullet.

Is this a harassment of some sort?

If one looked at it from another’s perspective it might be lucky but,


“The choice all have little to no use in a everyday life…! What’s going on Soulas….”


“N, no, I never imagined it to become this extreme myself.”

Soulas was looking down while in human form.

I’m the one to be sad.


The biggest fault in this is even my luck.


“But, out of the three grand heal might be at most unusable, but it ends with a single bullet…It will end after a single trial”


I don’t even know how or what way does this heal.


Even thought this must be my chance but .

What is this regretful feeling.


“There is no use even if I pick up one of the highest tier magic with one bullet only, and most of all there is no place for me to use it”

“Ho, how about making this as a secret weapon? since If you miss this chance you might not be able to get this one again”


That does make sense.

If this matter is a random kind of thing then this may become the last chance for me to get these magics.

But I already have 30 highest tier magic bullets in stock.


“What should I do”


While I was pondering over the problem the door got knocked, kon kon


“Excuse me Kouta-sama. Can I have some moment please?”


A head maid’s voice.


“Ou, wait a sec….Soulas”



I welcomed the head maid after asking Soulas to turn back into a book form.


“What’s wrong?”

“Do you have any problem with your health?”

“Well, average I guess. I’ve been able to move my body laterly”


The damage he received from the lightning had already nearly diminished.

There are still times when some part of his body hurts but if he rest a little more he would have enough energy to run around the town.


The head maid smiled after hearing this report.


“I see. This great. If you rest for another few days than we can resume the ritual for a independence day for you!”

“…Ritual for independence day?”

“Hai! It was out of calculation that in the day of departure you would be hit by a lightning but…If you become fully healed than we can continue the ritual. There is nothing more celebrating than this”


No, Wait a moment. I don’t know a single thing about this ritual on independance day.


“Etto, so you are saying. I should start living by myself in this ritual?”


“Hai. After passing the fixed age, you must gather food, shelter and clothing by your own strength. This is a custom of  Vales family… aa, but all this will be after your injuries are healed aright? So you shouldn’t over exert yourself for now. You can just slowly prepare for it.”


“O, Ou”

“If so, please keep your body on check for today too”


Saying so Head maid left the room.


“Oi, Soulas”


“Wha, what is it?”


“Did you already know of this?”


“No, I never knew it”


As expected from an air head.

I already knew it since I felt the vibration coming from the book every time it heard Head maid talk.


But, I guess this might be a fortune in a misfortune.

Since, I was informed of my duration about my stay in this house.


“…Naa, Soulas. I’m starting to feel grateful to today’s login bonus”


I opened the grimoire and selected the magic.




I chanted while aiming at my body, it instantly healed every place that hurted.

I see, this is a healing magic. It’s not that bad.


….with this I’m able to fully exert my full power.


“Yoshi, I shall earn money from today onward! First let’s head out to Media’s place for gathering information”


If I remember it correctly she said something about a place I can earn good money.

I will go to hear of the full story.


“Ha, Hai!”


It seems like a goddess of bad luck is stuck on me.

I will earn as much money as possible while I’m able to stay in the house