Chapter 8 for Second Earth

Finally the plot started rolling

Chapter 8


News and New Project

if you are curious as to why I suddenly disappeared there are many reasons and here are some:

School{got terrible grades in Math literally D+}

the web novel got boring/ man the whole plot doesn’t get me hyped

not making enough money{for my college fund}

not enough time with all things going on

I will finish one sponsored chapter and post it today:

CAS project is like a school project that I need to complete 1 thing in order to graduate my high school. also this is like a school work…..

I will start my spontaneous translation for my cas project : Second Earth

the first few chapters of this will be quite short around 500 words per chap but it will increase

Basic Summary for this novel is:

its about a boy who loses his important one in fire/ sword and magic/ sort of sci fi/

Chapter 1