Chapter 29 Message and Introduction After defeating the Giant wolf, at the same place a magic formation floated up. It is the same magic formation used when teleporting from first floor to the second. After looking around for some time, I said a farewell to this vast forest. I’ve arrived at the third floor. ….it […]

Yaaay for No cliff!  and Nooo for no chapter 28 today……..sorry I didn’t expect my teacher to give me hw in the morning, T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T #schoolsux  My final exam will be on june 1st so my updates might slow down…. But no worry after June 9th I will be translating like a madman, plus I will enter […]

After finishing my extended essay, I translated Login bonus and now I am waaaaay too exhausted. I’m too sleep deprived slept like 0 hour today and  went straight 36hours…. XDDD I hate myself for being procrastinator….. Haaaa sorry guys I will make up for it tomorrow!