After leaving the house which smelled of wood, I saw a forest filled with life and trees.

I walked for a bit.
The place I was transported to was a log house.
30meter around the log house is a plain, and outside of that is a forest.
The feeling of safety that I felt in the first-floor rest room, was also felt here.
This place is most likely the safe land.

I look at the forest around, compared to the rock cave like the first floor, I felt astonished.
And I looked up and saw something amazing.

—–There is a sky. And even sun, and cloud.
The sky that I haven’t seen in a while, I felt something really hard to describe.
Looking at the wide sky, Maybe I felt nostalgic.
Then I heard a really familiar voice from the back.

——-It’s been a while, Kurosaki-san
I turned around.
It feels like I reunited with a person who I’ve befriended for eternity.

“…Aa, It’s been a while, Tia”

—–She smiled really sweetly.

“First, let me congratulate you on conquering the first floor, Kurosaki-san”

“Aa, Thanks”

“And, It is a good thing you are safe and sound”

“There was some dangerous situations also”
Right now I am talking face to face with Tia in the log house.
That Self-Proclaimed god said.
If I conquered the floor he will let me meet Tia.
It seems like he followed the promise.
And Tia’s been smiling really happily for a while.

“I didn’t think you would conquer it this quickly”

“The God-sama was saying this also. “Haha, I knew it, Kurosaki-kun is really interesting” ”

He knew what.

“Maa, I worked hard that’s why”

“It isn’t normal for a person to conquer a floor master solo, even if it’s just a first floor”

—–It isn’t normal hah.

I was reminded of this one guy.

If I meet him again will he say I am special again?

My behaviour must have been weird, so Tia looked at me with a question mark in her head.

“Etto…did something happen?”

“Iya, It’s nothing. It’s just I remembered something that happened on the first floor”


Tia seemed to be hesitating to say something.

“Tia, did you already know?”

“Hya!?kn, know what, whyate alu shaying!?”

She is panicking really strongly. It seems like I was right.

“…So you knew it. How?”

“Au… Etto, Truthfully the God-sama told me “You are a Kurasaki-kun’s friend so I will let you see his adventure””

—-Damn, really.

“Damn! That Self-Proclaimed god!”

“I’m sorry! That, I peeped at you without consent….”

Tia looked like she is about to cry.

“…No, it’s not that I am angry at you looking at me but….”


“..Aren’t you scared?”

“Eh, scared for what?”

“I mean aren’t you scared of me”

“I killed my own race and a classmate that is.”

“Etto… It’s true Kurosaki-san was little bit scary at that time”

“…and, looked really sad”

She continued on.

“If at that time Kurosaki-san didn’t fight back, I probably wouldn’t be able to meet you today. And I wouldn’t be able to meet you ever again.”

—-That is why I am really happy you survived.

She said so and floated her smile.

A Little bit, really little bit, I felt like crying.

Maybe I was the one who was scared.

I killed my classmate. I didn’t regret.
I didn’t want to die. I couldn’t die.
I chose to survive in this dungeon.
I decided to conquer it and return back to earth.

That’s why I killed. To live.

That’s Why I killed. For myself.
That’s why I killed. To be reunited with her.
But I was scared.
That maybe Tia might reject me.

I didn’t want to lose my first ‘Friend’

That’s why I was happy. She accepted me.

It’s not that my sin will disappear.

And I couldn’t burden someone with it.

I am not allowed to do so.

I killed Azakura. This sin is mine and mine alone.

I already made a resolution.

But, the little ‘friend’ in front of me, I was too happy, way too happy, that she was happy that I lived.

“…Thank you, Tia.”

I whispered it in a low voice.

“?Did you say something?”

“Iya, it’s nothing. No need to worry”

“Haa….I understand”

“I want to ask you several questions”

“Ah, hai. Please ask me anything!!”

“Even though I said that, there is a restriction to what I am allowed to say“

“I know. Then, the first thing is…”
I asked many things to Tia.
What are the others doing?
How is the second floor?
Why does the dungeon have a sky?
Is there any limit to the level. Etc..
Summarising what tia answered.
She can’t reveal too much detail on others. But some of them met each other and formed a party and is exploring. There is already several deaths.
– the second floor is basically a forest field. Insect type and animal type monster is present, Insect type utilizes poisons and animals form their own herd, so I must be careful on these factors.
The sky we see in the dungeon is fake. It gives a suitable environment for the Humans (food).
The highest level is 100. And highest skill level is 10. If we compare it with the earth’s masterman ship lv1 is white, lv3 is colored, lv5 is black, and lv7 is teacher level(6th dan in the karate or Judo), lv 9 is red (Karate 10th dan, highest level) and lv10 is a legendary master level.
The oppressive pressure I force to the opponent is the one step before being a master, thinking these stupid things made feel sad, I understood most of it now.
It becomes super hard to level up the skill from lv5, but before this mostly anyone can get it.

I asked why you didn’t explain it to me in the tutorial, she said: “You didn’t ask”. True.
The tutorial teaches the minimum requirement and won’t teach if not asked.


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